Hercules Trophy France starts CSR project


Hercules Trophy France starts CSR project! EcoPlayAttitude. That’s the name of the CSR project started by the French Hercules Trophy partner Beach Masters. EcoPlayattitude focuses on the promotion and education of Eco-responsible actions, during the organisation of conferences, pedagogic projects and sportive events.

The president of the association, Doctor Régine Velay: “We directly address students by ecologic awareness programs in their class, together with their teachers. During the summer months, these students can practice what they have learnt during our events, like e.g. The Montpellier Beach Masters, or the Hercules Trophy”.

During these events, the organisers make a considerable effort to reduce the ecological footprint through various actions. They also add a social dimension by involving disadvantaged youngsters (from 20 to 25 years old) in the organisation. These ecological and social initiatives are entirely supported by the City of Montpellier.