People Engagement Experiences

We offer people engagement experiences through our existing formats or we co-create new experiences with you.

We like to work with strong brands to create experience marketing within our existing formats like Hercules Trophy, Pink Ladies Games and Bravos! Employee Engagement Awards or to create new formats from scratch.

A tribe is a group of people connected to each other, a leader and an idea. It is in our nature to connect with a tribe – whether it has a religious, ethnic, economic, sporting… basis.

The web is fantastic, but to really connect a tribe you need a combination of online and offline experiences. We call it phygital. People need to be brought together to be involved in the tribe. When such a meeting becomes recurring, we speak of a format and we are happy to help shape that gathering and the online program towards it!

hercules trophy brand activation experience
pink ladies games dubai brand activation experience

Unique know-how

In 1999, we started the Hercules Trophy. The concept soon had thousands of fans in countries like Spain, Germany, Dubai, New York, South Africa, Poland, Lithuania and The Netherlands.

Turning an idea into a professional format to connect people turned out to be our core business. On that basis, we developed new concepts that drastically increase engagement within specific communities. This is how the Pink Ladies Games, the Bravos! Employee Engagement Awards and the Kids Trophy were born.

We always work together with partners who opt for a sustainable concept rather than a one-time event. They choose the Herculean Alliance because of the know-how, the online platform and the network at their disposal. When Aura, Fabrica and Machina come together, a new Arena format can be created.

Hercules Trophy

A B-2-B team festival that has no equal and started in Dubai in 2011 with partners like Daman Health, DHL, Xerox and so many more. Teambuilding, networking and especially thanking employees and their families. Gamification at its best. Together with local partners we unite the business community.

Would you like to take the Hercules Trophy to your community or city or country? Integrate your brand into the format? Or highlight your employer brand to thousands of participants? We like to think along with you!

Visit the website Sponsor the Hercules Trophy

Pink Ladies Games

Together with causes like Pink Caravan, Think Pink, cities and strong brands, we are bringing thousands of ladies together. The concept is now also being rolled out internationally.

Would you like to support breast cancer awareness with your company through Pink Ladies Games in the context of sustainable entrepreneurship? We would be happy to work out a proposal around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Companies like Stihl, DHL, Porsche, Landrover were delight about the brand activation experiences we created for them.

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Bravos! Employee Engagement Awards

The icing on the cake. Companies join the Bravos! employee engagement awards, involve their employees, learn from other participants, coaches and jurors and give your people perspective. They may end up in the live pitching competition! We are looking for brands in the Middle East to become a partner next to Omnicom Media Group. In Europe we work with brands like Nespresso, ISS, Ordina, Microsoft and many more.

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Kids Trophy

Together with VTM Kids, the biggest kids channel in Belgium, and strong brands, we built a great team concept for children who want to share an unforgettable experience with their friends.

Visit the website (in Dutch)

Your own community experience?

We have organized Hercules Trophy challenges for the HR, IT, Marketing, Retail, Supply Chain and logistics sector. It is a cost-efficient way for federations or sector players such as BAM, ADM, Federgon, DataNews, RetailDetail for brand activation and to bring their members together in an informal way. Companies such as Maersk, Microsoft, CFE, Deloitte, Siemens, Proximus have used the concept to unite their employees in a unique way.

With want our own Hercules Trophy or Company Olympics

New brand activation experience in mind?

Do you have a brilliant new concept for brand activation, but do you need a partner to develop it further? Someone with operational and technological knowledge, with a platform to manage the administration and logistics? Get in touch! We think along with you to make it a long-term success.
Arena – we co-create formats to connect your tribe.

Let's co-create a new concept

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