Events for employee engagement

Fabrica – improve employee engagement through events such as teambuildings, family days or corporate events. Our online platform ensures effectiveness.

Turn your events into moments that matter, a culutral moment. Measure and improve the engagement within your tribe.

Your company culture is unique. And that unique feeling should translate into the way you interact with your fans, customers, employees, their families and stakeholders at every single gathering, large or small.

Connecting different cultures and generations. That is the art. Thanks to our platform, every event becomes a phygital experience, online and offline, with lifelong memories.

Daman Customer Challenge
Daman Customer Challenge


Jaguar Land Rover Offsite MENA
Jaguar Land Rover Offsite MENA

Cutting-edge and disruptive. Innovation in the teambuilding world by linking online vibes with real-life experiences, interwoven with your content. Gamification works!

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Family day

Kanoo Family Day.

Family is crucial for people’s happiness. Thank your employees and their families with a variety of action, games and icebreakers that young and old enjoy together.

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Thank you to the Matexi Families

A phygital Herculean experience, with maximum participation and lifetime memories. An ideal formula to combine with a meeting and/or dinner. Also in times of social distancing!

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Corporate event

Acwa Power Fit DXB
Acwa Power Fit DXB at Jebel Ali

Workshops and speeches combined with a gamified, phygital experience. Recipe for more resonance and success! Why not have a party with your awards ceremony to finish the day in style?

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Sportive Teambuilding for Olympus

Various backgrounds

Employees have different expectations depending on their background. In order to resonate with each of them you need a refreshing approach.

It seems almost impossible to hold an event that appeals to everyone. We would love to organise things together with your colleagues. The employee engagement platform relieves you of worries and creates the right vibe.

Unforgettable experiences and moments to cherish. That’s what we go for at Herculean Alliance. It is our mission to activate, inspire and engage your target audience, across all layers in the organisation. In order to create a sustainable and authentic involvement of the employees.

Fabrica – improving employee engagement through events.

Online event platform

Creating an event identity, a calendar with all events and workshops, allowing people to RSVP, informing before and after the event, sharing pictures, understanding the preferences of the participants, linking games to your event,…: these are just a few of the challenges that you as a company cannot solve by sticking the existing tools together.

Through our integrated platform, we help companies to solve these problems. You get a complete environment in your looks in which everything related to your event(s) can be managed. It increases engagement, gives you insight into your community and reduces the administrative work. And that is a huge added value.

Do you want to go one step further and create an event with a competition, including online teampages and rankings? We also offer your team competition in your own corporate look. Deloitte Games, Olympus Games, Duval Union Ski, 70 years of Intersoc, Matexi Family Day, VokAdventure,… these are just a few of the many successful creations in which online and offline are combined.

Herculean Event platform reduces administration, increases commitment and provides insight.
Herculean Event platform reduces administration, increases commitment and provides insight.
Your event als Kick-off for cultural transformation
Kick-off for cultural transformation

A kick-off for cultural transformation

A question which is increasingly coming up is: we want to measure and improve employee engagement and so we are looking for a year-long trajectory with a mix of all kinds of workshops, events, challenges, charity… Can you help us outline and manage such a trajectory? Can you really measure involvement and culture before and after? Can you ensure that all these different moments become one story and that they become “moments that matter”?

Exactly, that is what we prefer to do. Instead of working with a whole lot of different engagement providers, we like to bring all those fantastic specialists together for you under 1 story and 1 single contact person. This allows you to focus on your core business and on the real culture issues.

Feel free to take a look at our employee engagement approach and let’s have a coffee together to discuss your ambitions. Are you really curious? Then join our employee engagement index and get free tips & tricks straight away.

Co-creation with your team

If you want to use events to increase engagement, then we would certainly advise you to create your own “party committee” or “wellbeing team” or “fun team” or “social committee” or whatever you call it. After all, your real ambassadors will always be keen to be involved to make it happen.

That is exactly the way we like to work together. Preferably, our team will help you on your way with know-how so that you can do it yourself later on. You would be amazed at how much creativity there is in your organisation and how much your people want to contribute to your culture. With a little professional help, we ensure that they do not waste too much time and that it does not appear unprofessional. Each his own style.

Do you already have a social team? Then we would like to meet them and discuss how we can assist them with advice and action.

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