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Employee engagement is our highest priority

In the post-pandemic age of digital transformation, employee engagement should be our top priority!

Nowadays, business leaders are convinced of the power of engaged employees. However, the cultural diversity and four different generations on the work floor are making it even more challenging.

According to Gallup research, companies with engaged employees achieve twice as much revenue and even up to 4 times as much profit compared to other companies. The bad news is that up to 77% of all employees are not engaged or even actively disengaged.

The ideal combination of engaged employees with an organizational fit is unfortunately also the exception to the rule in the UAE. That is exactly what Herculean Alliance can help you with.

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4 generaties op de werkvloer
In een VUCA wereld is employee engagement de belangrijkste prioriteit

VUCA world

The term VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. The term was invented in the US Army and describes the rapidly evolving era after 1990.

The new era has fundamentally changed the role of a leader. The traditional approach to planning and risk management has become virtually impossible. That is a challenge for all organisations today.

Jo Caudron from Scopernia describes the combination of societal transformations as a metastorm in the book “The world is round“. This metastorm will have an impact on every decision we make as a company or individual in the long run. Caudron pleads for an optimistic perspective to transform in.

Team of Teams

Management models based on sole forecasting and planning are no longer effective. Organisations are forced to be networked rather than to work in silos.  A team of teams, a networked organisation can provide an answer to the current challenges. Herculean Alliance and Duval Union are also such organisations. This is based on transparent leadership that empowers individual team members.

This requires a shift from efficiency to adaptability. Trust, meaningfulness, shared awareness and the power to act as an individual empower small teams to adapt quickly.

This model of small teams has to be scaled to an organisational level. Innovation and problem solving are becoming team work instead the result of the act of one architect.

team of teams
De growth mindset als een belangrijk principe voor employee engagement

Grow thyself

The key element is the individual, especially in the age of digital transformation where humans and machines have to learn how to cooperate. When the individual learns how to cope with the current global changes, only then the team will achieve growth.

The Growth Mindset, developed by Carol Dweck, is based on the conviction that capabilities can be developed. Both failing and dealing with criticism are key components to achieve this goal. The Growth Mindset is increasingly being applied on a large scale within transformation trajectories.


Getting started with employee engagement!

The Herculean Alliance developed its own methodology and has written a book – based on many best practices – to measure and improve employee engagement, implement the growth mindset and build a team of teams. We help you to enthusiastically connect your organisation with the purpose of the company. But also to face technological challenges, boost leadership skills and bring your company values to life. We help you find the purpose of your organisation, activate your ecosystem and make your people proud and confident for the future.

Employee Satisfaction x Employee Engagement ^ Trust = Customer Delight

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