Hercules trophy

Restyling Hercules Trophy website


Restyling Hercules Trophy website! Hey, did you notice that we have (finally) refreshed the look of our website?

We must admit that we have always said “function over form”, with a strong focus on online transactions, team edits, challenges, etc. But now that the number of marketers in our company is steadily growing (but not outnumbering the ICT freaks yet), the website makeover became inevitable!

Hercules Trophy offers Team building & Networking 2.0 by adding a whole new dimension to team building and networking. Not only do participants get a fantastic total experience during the day. The Hercules vibes last so much longer (sometimes for years!), because of our loyal online Hercules fan community. That connection of the offline and online vibes, that’s what makes Hercules Trophy a genuine 2.0 format. That’s one of the unique values we offer.

We hope you like the restyling of the Hercules Trophy website! We are still working on making it multi-platform. In the coming months, the refreshed mobile version will also be released. So stay tuned and keep these Hercules vibes alive!