Next 4 labours Hercules Trophy Dubai


Next 4 labours Hercules Trophy Dubai! Here are the next 4 labours for the second edition of the Hercules Trophy Dubai:

  • Street Floorball
  • Tentacle Target Toss
  • The Speed of Yellow
  • Water Wheelers

The first 4 labours are: Bizfriz, Bunjee Run, Core Direction and Cross Country. Want to know more about these mysterious labours? Log on, and click on the Labours menu. While you’re here: don’t forget to vote for the Coolest Team Contest! Team Viljoen, Team Lewis and Team Taylor are leading the competition… Can you beat them? Please note that we only accept valid email addresses to ensure fairplay.

The second Hercules Trophy in Dubai at the 7evens: a celebration of teamwork and human competitive spirit. This time BIGGER & BETTER.