Manhattan Chamber of Commerce to Sponsor Hercules Trophy U.S.


Manhattan Chamber of Commerce to Sponsor Hercules Trophy U.S.. We’re excited to share the latest news at the Hercules Trophy U.S. camp! The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce has agreed to become a sponsor of the 2012 inaugural event. With10,000 members and subscribers, the Chamber represents the voice of over 100,000 companies in Manhattan and partners with over 300 diverse business organizations in the city. Their mission is to advocate for, connect and educate the business community in Manhattan.

“The mission of the Hercules Trophy U.S. aligns perfectly with our own,” says Nancy Ploeger,President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce . “The event will provide companies large and small here in New York a terrific opportunity to engage employees on an emotional level, while encouraging teambuilding and networking, for an overall positive experience that is certain to carry into the workplace.”

We agree! As Nelson Mandela has said, “Sport has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.” We consistently see team members develop confidence and discover hidden talents and new skills through competition. There is great value to the individual (and to the team he serves) in stepping outside of the comfort zone, adapting to new situations and having to cooperate with others in achieving a specific goal, especially under pressure. And it’s all greatfun!”

As part of the partnership, the Chamber will include information about Hercules Trophy U.S. in its newsletter and on all of its social media channels. They will also have a presence on the field at Randall’s Island on July 12 when the labors begin. And Chamber members can participate in the Hercules Trophy U.S. for a reduced price, so contact us now to get in the games!

July 12, 2012 at Randall’s Island or phone (212) 709-8109 if you have any questions.

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