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Newsletter US June. Are you a wimp or a winner? Find out by entering your team at Hercules Trophy, Randall’s Island 12 July! Over 50 business teams compete against each other in a super-charged sporting team day full of camaraderie and networking. No athletic skills required! The biggest inter-company competition in the world!

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Newsletter US June. Hercules Trophy increases productivity, grows your business, attracts talent and strengthens corporate identity for your company. A team costs $3,950 for 5-7 persons, all inclusive.


Every member of the winning team gets a domestic flight ticket offered by our partner Delta Air Lines! During the Hercules Trophy event, supporters and participants can win 2 Delta Air Lines first class tickets.

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

MCC members get a special advantage! The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce is in with a team and highly recommends you join with one or more teams. As an MCC member, you would only pay $2,950 instead of $3,950!

Saint Barnabas Medical Center already a fan

Joined with six teams, in the lead of the coolest team competition and inviting a lot of supporters to support their teams in the afternoon and evening. That’s the spirit!

Win a Team

The Wall Street Journal gives away 1 team. Try your luck and spot the ad in the WSJ.


For your personal wellness during the event, we will install a Welness center in the Village! How cool is that?

Herculean Alliance