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September 28 it is!

Player news New York. Thank you all, dear fans of Hercules Trophy! As you must have heard, the date of the Hercules Trophy has been moved to 28 September. Changing the date was a decision we did not take lightly. We have been moved by your support and enthusiasm. More than ever, the whole Hercules Trophy team is committed to give you the best team experience of the year!

As a token of appreciation, we will have an exclusive “Herculean Fan” T-shirt for the players who already signed up for the Hercules Trophy delivered during the summer months. Stand out in the crowd as the fans of the first hour!

By the way, from an administrative point: all rolls over to September 28, including the registration, received payments, etc. Need more info:

Sneak preview on labors

Player news New York, The moment you all have been waiting for…Here are the next 3 Herculean labors:

  • Labor 7 = Disc golf
  • Labor 8 = Rodeo
  • Labor 9 = Charlie’s Labyrinth

We hope you like them as much as we do. We’ll post them on this week. The first 6 labors can be found on the website. The final 3 labours will be announced in August.

Are you in the coolest team competition?

Captains: logon to, go to “My profile” and replace the logo on your team page by a picture, showing the world why you have what it takes to be the coolest team. Get your slogan online and start spreading the message. The Barnabas Bulldogs are still in the lead. Can you beat them? The competition runs until September 28, 2012 at 2pm. May the coolest team win!

Still willing to beat those friends of yours?

With a little less than 90 days till your day of victory, this might be the time to tell us who you would like to compete against in the Hercules Trophy. Count on us to deliver the message to your friends, competitors, suppliers and customers. We’ll tell them you are sure to beat them at the Hercules Trophy 2012!

Train your CxO!

Your CxO have all summer to prepare for the one and only pétanque tournament. If you want to get the perfect grip: visit La boule newyorkaise in Bryant park (at the side of Sixth Avenue) and try it out. Your CxO is accountable for the extra points of your team(s), so they’d better start exercizing!

Join us

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