Newsletter June US


Newsletter June US. Build team spirit, re-engage your workforce and get that winning attitude: you can do all of that in just one day. Register a team for the Hercules Trophy on 28 September, Randall’s Island, New York and feel the difference!

Three next labors

Hercules Trophy is all about 12 sport challenges on one day. The first 6 labors have been announced (see for more info). Here are the next 3 Herculean challenges:

  • Labor 7: Disc golf
  • Labor 8: Rodeo
  • Labor 9: Charlie’s Labyrinth

We hope you like them as much as we do! The final 3 labors will be announced in August.

Spot the ads, win a team!

Hercules Trophy’s partners will give away free teams in the upcoming weeks. Hints on where to look will be published on our Facebook page ( and Twitter (

Organizational development

Are you involved in the organizational development projects? Contact us: we’d love to work with your team to integrate the Hercules Trophy in your efforts. Hercules Trophy is the ideal platform to celebrate milestones or kick off new projects. Ask for our global references in which the Hercules Trophy becomes a part of the ongoing efforts – enforcing effects, engagement and results!

Your own fundraising event

Participating teams contribute to their own charity project through the Kindest Team Competition that will be launched at the end of July. The funds go directly to the charity of your choice via our online platform. The most successful team is awarded the Kindest Team. If you don’t have your own charity, you can also donate to the projects chosen by the Herculix Foundation. We believe that doing well by doing good is the new way of doing business. Isn’t that nice?

We wish you a great summer and hope to see you at inaugural event of Hercules Trophy on 28 September. NATO, DHL, Microsoft, Deloitte, SAP, Oracle, Estee Lauder, Avis, Adecco and so many others have already participated at the Hercules Trophy in other countries. 91% of customers return year after year, bringing more teams and supporters at every edition. One day, you will say: I was at the first American edition. So don’t miss your appointment with history and be there!

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