Herculean Alliance

What is Herculix Foundation


The Herculix Foundation actively promotes sports as a catalyst for social and individual change. By being a hero in his life, our mascot Herculix wants to inspires the Hercules fans to create a more balanced world.

In 2012, Inge Van Belle started the Herculix Foundation. Inge is one of the founders of Herculean. Her two sisters Sigrid and Gudrun Van Belle joined her in the board.  The Foundation is based on Herculix’ values and it is inspired by his attempts to be a hero.

In 2012, all Hercules Trophies around the world started “The Kindest Team Competition” as a side-competition for every Trophy. Through their public teampages, teams will be able to crowdfund for good causes. The highest fundraiser wins the competition and wins “Theodore”, the kindest teddy bear on the planet.

On top of that, all Hercules countries are working on creative ways to support the Herculix Foundation. Some donate part of the profit, some buy material from good causes, some crew members donate part of their fee, …

Imagine the impact we could have together…

Herculean Alliance