Breaking news BE: sportainment in style


Breaking news BE: sportainment in style. Only 40 Hercules teams left on June 23rd! All records are broken this year. Thank you fans and please do tell your friends why they should join with their company.

Have we got news for you? We think in all modesty that we invented Corporate Sportainment 14 years ago. We believe that the words “Corporate Sportainment” describe best what Hercules Trophy is all about. Sure that our fans will agree. No, we are not your average corporate sporting event that needs a big marketing machine to get noticed. We grow through the fans. We are the first and coolest Corporate Sportainment event in the world and we can only thank our fans for that!

Breaking news BE: sportainment in style. On June 22nd and 23rd our Belgian fans will be blown away by the new #Vacature|Références Hercules Trophy. We had announced some innovations and we like to keep our promises:

  • A brand new Village concept: you just want to be there! We are partnering with Wicreations to come up with an entirely new Village concept. We have a full 3D view ready, but want to keep you on your toes. Here are the first simple views on the new Village (Render 1,2,3,4). We’ll keep you posted on new renders.
  • Hercules Kids and Mini Kids: your kids between 7 and 13 years old will be invited to visit the Hercules Trophy in the morning and win extra points for your teams! We teamed up with experts in Kids challenges. Smaller children can mind their own business at the Mini Kids space.
  • Catering a few notches higher: a healthy partnership with The Foodmaker with a shop for supporters and a BBQ after-party that starts at 6pm already!
  • A strong partnership with #Vacature|Références: did you know you get great reductions for your next #Vacature|Références campaigns? Contact us for info!
  • Upgrade your team and become labour sponsor: check out the sponsoring packages. For very limited budgets you can connect your brand to one of the labours.

On March 22nd the 3rd edition of the Hercules Trophy will be organized in Dubai. Our fans will perform challenges like Bagjump with the Burj Khalifa on the background. The next USA Hercules Trophy is due on September 28th in Manhattan, New York, on Randall’s Island. How cool is that?

We have a lot more to announce in the next weeks. Soon we will start releasing the first labors. Take a look at the ones in Dubai and maybe you will find some inspiration there?

Have a Herculean Day!

The Hercules Trophy Belgium team

Herculean Alliance