Player news Dubai Mar


Player news Dubai Mar. Less than 2 weeks to go before your Hercules Trophy. Can you feel the vibes?

Curious about the last 4 Hercules labours?

Here they are:

  • PolyVolley
  • Charlie’s Labyrinth
  • Ultimate Duplays Frisbee
  • Intercrosse

From now on, you can select your joker. This is the labour you are best at. Extra points if you actually win that labour!

How to earn more extra points?

Complete your online team details:

  • Team name
  • A slogan that says it all
  • Team picture with the players on it (award for best pic and you become our Facebook profile picture)
  • Favourite team song (no, you won’t have to sing it, no worries)
  • Joker
  • Teams challenged by you (up to 3).
  • Invite supporters and kids. Kids can win extra points on the “Hercules Kids”.

Ultimate deadline to edit your team is Wednesday 20 March!

Our How to prepare document will help you to prepare. We also have it inPrezi for prezi fans. Still lost? Read our FAQ!

So you think you’re cool?

Player news Dubai Mar. The Coolest Team Competition has started. Click on the “Coolest team” button on the top right of and select your Hercules Trophy to see who’s leading on the website. You can only compete once your team picture has been uploaded. Ask your colleagues and friends to vote for you by sending them your team page and by posting it on Facebook. Anything is still possible as fake votes will be removed. Cheating teams will receive an e-mail from the Referee who sees everything…

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