Dubai: score extra points now


Dubai: score extra points now. It’s the final countdown to your Hercules Trophy! We hope that you are ready to face the ultimate corporate team challenge.

You can earn 5 important pre-event points now if you fill in your team details beforeWednesday 20 March 12 pm! Do it now, or you might regret it on Friday. These 5 points will make the difference at the finish line. Ask your captain to fill in the team name, slogan, picture, players, song, joker. Don’t forget to edit your personal profile page by logging on More info in the How to prepare document How to prepare and FAQ. You will receive the final scoring rules in your team package when you enter the domain.
Dubai: score extra points now!

Here are some tips and tricks to win even more points:

  • Register 2 bosses for the CEO pétanque tournament (up to 5 points)
  • Bring your children to the Hercules Kids Run, powered by Indigo and Junior Life Fitness (up to 2 points)
  • Choose your joker tactically, it’s again a lot of extra points if you win that labour
  • Challenge up to 3 other teams before Wednesday. Ending before a challenged team in the final ranking is one extra point for you. Ending after that team is one extra point for them!

Your team package includes 7 visitor tickets. Pass the names of your spectators to the Hercules contact person so they can be added to the guest list. If you have more than 7 visitors, you have to register them online here. Free entrance for children. Adults pay only AED 30.

Have a look at your personal team planning of the day on your public team page. It was published today. You will see your exact planning and contestants per labour! Exciting!!!

Take care and have a herculean one!

Hercules Trophy UAE team

P.S.: Have you seen the tutorial for the Hercules dance yet ? It’s very, very easy!