Results Hercules Trophy UAE 2013


Results Hercules Trophy UAE 2013. The third edition of Hercules Trophy 2013 saw fears being overcome, friendly rivals developing, and spectators cheering on family and friends. The atmosphere was excellent, sponsors and participants were extremely happy, the weather was fantastic and the challenges were very herculean. There was no shortage of participants as over 500 employees and executives from UAE’s biggest companies challenged themselves and industry competitors.

Results Hercules Trophy UAE 2013:

  • 1st Place: LUKOIL WQ2 Team Tonic
  • 2nd: LUKOIL WQ2 Magnificent 7
  • 3rd: BIZ Events Team
  • Coolest team: Team Alemco from ALEC
  • Fairplay team: Team Braveheart from ALEC
  • Smartest team: Urban Energy team 1
  • Winner pétanque tournament: REEBOK R.B.K. Middle East
  • Best Picture: LUKOIL WQ2 Magnificent 7
  • Best crew 2013: the RedEye Buggy Challenge crew!

Belgian chocolates for the Charlie’s Labyrinth, Human Catapult and Bagjump went to DUBAI ALUMINIUM’s Power House -Punch, WILD WADI 2.0: The next generation, LUKOIL’s WestQurninans.

Beware of the Russians indeed! For the entire ranking: see the Ranking Menu on the website. If you want to win the competition, keep in mind that you can’t win without the pre-event bonus points, as well as the extra ladies, kids and CEO pétanque bonus points!

At Hercules Trophy everybody is a winner. Visit our Facebook page and you’ll understand why.

It was great to see you. Thanks again to our sponsors: Canadian Specialist Hospital, Move One, Reebok, Desert Chill, Urban Energy, Radio 2, Indigo Entertainment, Junior Life Fitness, RedEye, Top Medical Center, Khaleej Times, Coca Cola, Right Bite, Abami, Duplays,, PromoSeven, Biz Group and Flow Events. Hope to see you next year!

In May we will announce the new date for Hercules Trophy 2014. Watch this space for early bird packages, sponsor deals and new supplier opportunities. Keep the Herculean spirit alive!

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