Ex-world Champion Gella Vandecaveye teams up with Hercules Trophy


Ex-world Champion Gella Vandecaveye teams up with Hercules Trophy. Ex-world champion, Olympic silver and gold winner Judo Gella Vandecaveye and Hercules Trophy will be collaborating as from today. Together with her coachEddy Vinckier, Gella will be looking for the most Herculean corporate team at the Belgian Hercules Trophy (VacatureIRéférences Hercules Trophy). The winning team will be coached by Gella and Eddy. Together they will try to win the legendary trophy and earn eternal fame for the company. The aim is to promote a healthy corporate lifestyle.

The 2013 edition of the Vacature|Références Hercules Trophy will look for the most Herculean team as a new add-on to the existing concept. This quest will be supported by Gella Vandecaveye and Eddy Vinckier. The famous Athlete and her coach will screen the participating teams on different parameters: how are they promoting wellbeing, a healthy lifestyle andcorporate social responsibility within their company. The selected teams will be coached by Gella OR Eddy. The teams will compete against each other at the Hercules competition on 22 and 23 June.

Gella Vandecaveye: “Hercules Trophy combinescorporate sport and entertainment in a unique way that equals the summer festival atmosphere. The mix of informal networking, corporate social responsibility, employer branding and emotionele resonance doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. Eddy and myself are honoured to be a part of this “Made in Belgium” concept that is also very popular in other parts of the world.” The Hercules Trophy is a no-brainer for Vandecaveye whose professional activities are focused on companies, the non-profit sector and sport for everybody. “From my personal experience I notice that companies are becoming big believers in formats like the Hercules Trophy. The idea of doing sports and having fun together with your colleagues is becoming increasingly popular in a society that has been promoting individual sports until recently.”

Inge Van Belle, co-founder Hercules Trophy International: “To us, Gella is the perfect incarnation of the Herculean lifestyle, based on balance, authenticity, courage and social engagement. We are very excited to collaborate with Gella because we are convinced that she will be an inspiring example for our fan community.” About the team coaching by Gella and Eddy: “The 12 Hercules challenges are not your everyday sport activities, but they are full ofsurprising elements that require a combination of tactics, agility, endurance and guts. The trophy is not necessarily won by the fittest teams. In other words: it’s not going to be easy for Gella or Eddy to lead their team to victory, especially not with the Hercules fans who come back every year and who know the concept very well.”

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