2013 results Belgium


2013 results Belgium. If you ask the fans and crew how it went, chances are high that they will tell you: “EPIC! ” The 2013 stategy turned out to be the right one, with unique challenges, the restyled Hercules Village, a lot of fun, great networking , famous athletes and an amazing party.

Here are the winners of 22 June:

  • Number 1: The Infidels – Dimension Data
  • Runner up: The S-Team – Danneels
  • 3rd place: De Betonspecialisten
  • Best Team picture: the N.E.R.D.S from iCapps
  • Coolest Team: Team 1 Amadeus SHAKE
  • Fairplay Team: Bank Vooruit- BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Smartest Team: A.A. Team

The winners of 23 June:

  • Number 1: Team 1 – Functional Training
  • Runner up: FC De Mol
  • 3rd place: B-Well Wilrijk
  • Best Team picture: Code 1000 – Ikea Belgium
  • Coolest Team: The MC Hammer Boys and Girls
  • Fairplay Team: Belfiërs
  • Smartest Team: Rhodium Smurfs

2013 results Belgium. Congrats to the winners! The total ranking and photo albums are to be found on the website. We’re proud to announce that we haven’t found one single wimp amongst the participants. You all did a great job. Next year will be our 15th birthday. Prepare yourselves for some fireworks! Have a Herculean summer and keep in touch on social media!