Partnership in UAE


Partnership in UAE, the #1 job and HR site in the Middle East and Hercules Trophy UAE are proud to announcbayt NEW_logoe their partnership for Hercules Trophy on 22 March 2014.

Both parties want to facilitate employer branding and employment in the UAE and the region. has participated in Hercules Trophy since its debut in the UAE in 2011. “This experience helps employees from different departments that don’t interact a lot as a part of their job roles to bond,” said Ahmad Turani, Business Development Executive at

Many companies face the challenge of finding opportunities that allow employees of all cultural backgrounds to get to know each other in a fun environment with no added pressure. Large companies in particular use Hercules Trophy as a way to stimulate interaction between employees that may email each other regularly but have little or no face to face contact. Even small organizations can reap the benefits with team members being able to develop a deeper connection outside of the work place.

The competition goes beyond team building and the high calibre networking that is already associated with the international event. “The Hercules Trophy uses many different factors through all its activities, it tackles a lot of soft skills such as communication, time management, problem solving, analytical thinking and more,” continues Ahmad Turani.

HR departments around the UAE are seeing the benefit of Hercules Trophy and are incorporating the event into overall employee programs. “At, we provide constant opportunities to improve the skills and competencies of our employees, as well as participating in events that improve their wellbeing and boost their spirit. Hercules Trophy is a great channel to do so. We have several activities under our wellness theme and this event was a part of that. These initiatives definitely make work much more enjoyable.