Herculean Alliance

Herculean Co-Founder: Inge Van Belle!


Herculean Co-Founder: Inge Van Belle! To describe Inge van Belle, you would probably need an entire novel. There’s so much to tell about the multi-talented, energetic Co-Founder who always adds the herculean flavour to life.

Inge studied a multitude of foreign languages like Italian, German, Russian, Spanish and Czech, because of her natural curiosity in other cultures and her passion for travelling. Destined to become a lawyer, she decided to choose another path after she finished Law School. Against all odds, she became a business consultant in ICT, as she was eager to learn more about an unknown territory to her, technology.  That was the start of a “blitz” career at companies like Proximus and EDS (later HP), where she became proficient in sales, marketing and PR.

As a client, she got in touch with Yves and his baby, Hercules Trophy. Soon, Inge got fascinated about both Yves and the Hercules Trophy and that’s how she got involved in the organisation. After considering the Hercules Trophy as a hobby for a few years, Inge realised that organisations were (and still are) in need of new ways of working together as a team and that Hercules Trophy is the unique answer to this need. She got convinced that -together with Yves- she could drastically change the way business people work and live together. That’s when she took the drastic step of leaving the corporate environment and entering the scary and yet intriguing world of entrepreneurship.

Determined to make a difference and leaving a legacy behind, Inge’s main mission is to inspire people by teaching them the Herculean lifestyle, which is mainly to be a hero in life. Being a Mompreneur with three children herself, she’s convinced that people should be able to establish a healthy work-life balance and to pursue their dreams. Inge is a trendsetter who’s not afraid of trying out new things or stepping out of her comfort zone. Both Yves and Inge being strong personalities, they do manage to work together extremely well. The secret behind this unique collaboration? Using a lot of humour, focusing on each other’s strengths and leaving their Egos behind, although they both heartily admit that they didn’t learn that overnight!

Within the Herculean organisation, Inge drives the sales and marketing and safeguards the Herculean values and concept, in which she puts a lot of her creativity. She does all this with an infinite passion and energy. Inge knows what she wants, is value-driven and has a natural instinct of fighting injustice. No wonder that she has Personality Type 8. That’s why she founded the Herculix Foundation,  the charity organisation that uses sports as a catalyst for social change.

In her spare time, Inge has a passion for arts, literature, film, baking and –last but not least- her children, whom she tries to give as much space as possible in order to become independent, curious and respectful human beings. Inge appreciates modesty, authenticity and reliability in people. She profoundly dislikes mediocrity combined with arrogance. Inge’s motto in life: “Never give up. Ever”.