Hercules Trophy UAE builds excitement as more labours are announced

Hercules Trophy UAE builds excitement as more labours are announced


Hercules Trophy UAE builds excitement as more labours are announced! The anticipation is building for this year’s Hercules Trophy as 8 of the 12 “labours” or activities are announced. Participants in the super charged intercompany sporting event and team building day will have the opportunity to race with camels, test themselves in the field and try a modern day jousting game among many other challenges on March 22 at the Sevens Stadium.

The Hercules Trophy aims to have a positive impact on organisations by combining team building and networking opportunities in a fun filled format which sees teams of between 5 and 7 attempt each of the labours throughout the day. The emphasis is on participation rather than athletic skill or prowess, so all employees are able to participate. The Hercules Trophy attracts thousands of business professionals from different sectors, levels and nationalities, and is open to all businesses wishing to enter.

“However we are not just a team building day,” Yves Vekemans, President and CEO of Hercules Trophy announced,  “We are a sport and entertainment experience that results in team building within a company.”

The labours this year are a unique combination guaranteed to entertain and challenge the participants, and include the following:

Camel Survival Race Hercules Trophy organizers will have teams competing for points by racing camels cross-field, but will be given a handicap, in order not to make it too easy on the teams.

Hercules Trophy UAE builds excitement as more labours are announced

Cross Country – Participants go through an endurance test in the form of an obstacle course involving climbing, running (through water), scrambling under wire and a few other surprises.

FCm FlipIts – Participants will step into a cargo container-sized inflatable cube, and as a team will attempt to flip this cube as many times as possible within 2 minutes.

Jugger – Jugging is game that has been described as ‘Medieval Football’, played by two teams of five, armed with an assortment of padded ‘weapons’. The aim of the game is to get a foam ‘dogskull’ or ‘jug’ onto a spike at the opposing end of the field, while preventing the opposing team from doing the same.

Kin Ball- A team sport with a twist, kinball is played between three teams, with four players on each side. The challenge oIMG_8115f the game is to catch and control the ball before it touches the ground. Points are given when a team commits a fault such as dropping the ball. To make it really challenging, the ball is 1.83 in diameter, weighing 1kg.

Sbyke – A bike-scooter combining the world of BMX and skateboarding will be raced by teams.

Buggy Challenge – 2 people from each team will work together to drive a desert buggy to a bucket where they will deposit a golf ball in a bucket. They will then have to drive back around obstacles and pass the buggy on to their team mates who will do the same. Teams must complete as many laps as possible to achieve the most points.

Disc Golf – In Disc Golf participants will cross a field with as few disc throws as possible. Like in golf, play begins at teeing area and ends at the target. After tee off, each throw must be made from where the previous throw came to rest. This continues from hole to hole and the lower the score the better. Teams can also choose different discs with different characteristics.

DSC_0137Hercules Trophy challenge will once again be a family friendly event. Participants are encouraged to bring along their family and partners, with plenty of activities waiting for them at 7he Sevens Stadium. The little ones can even help out and earn points by participating in the Junior Hercules Trophy.