Herculean Coach Selection Night


Herculean Coach Selection Night, Information for Hercules Trophy Belgium athletes:

On Wednesday evening 23 April, your company will be able to win one of the Herculean coaches. The coaches are Sabine Appelmans, Piet Den Boer, Leo van der Elst, Serge Haubourdin and Gella Vandecaveye. Read more about these wonderful people in our blog.

What’s new this year is that the coach is won for the entire company and not just for 1 team.

Can’t wait? This is what your company can do to get that famous athlete:

Your Hercules contact person has received guidelines on how to proceed: your online company profile (on this website) needs to be complete and there’s also a Herculean questionnaire that needs to be filled out at the latest on Tuesday evening 22 April COB. The questionnaire is mostly about your company culture and DNA. There’s only 1 questionnaire per company. Your contact person also needs to confirm who will represent your company on the Selection Evening.

Why do you need to be there?

  • First of all: to win the coach of course! Every Herculean coach will examine your questionnaire in detail. Your company will be in the running for the selection of one of your favourite coaches. The 2 people that represent your company will need to answer the questions asked by the coach in a quiz. The coach will be assigned to the representatives who gave the most correct answers.
  • Secondly, the networking aspect. Your company will receive 1 extra pre-event bonus point for showing up and connecting with other Hercules fans and the Hercules partners. You see that it’s not just about being the fittest, right?
  • Last but not least: the sneak preview! You will be the first to hear the line-up of the artists at the Hercules party and all 12 herculean labours will be revealed.

So no time to waste! Urge your Hercules contact person to fill in the form asap and register 2 employees for the Herculean Coach Selection Night in Mechelen. You only have a few days left…

Where? At De Nekker Zaal Zwembad Nekkerpool

When? Wednesday 23 April at 18:00.