Colruyt and Human energy

Colruyt and Human energy



Colruyt and Human energy! FOR THOSE who don’t live in Belgium, Colruyt is one of the most revolutionary companies (food and hypermarket) when it comes to corporate wellbeing. Unsurpringly, they have been rewarded “Best Employer of the Year” a few times already in the past decade.

Recently, Colruyt has introduced energetic cleansing of their buildings during the weekends. I thought it might be interesting to explain the world what this is all about :

When a large group of people live and work in a place, it’s likely that conflicts and stress arise. These negative emotions and thoughts trigger hormones in our body (like cortisol and other stress related body chemicals). These are then spread by pheromones, which are nature’s signal hormones in groups, into the molecules of the air around us.

This is why you can almost sense stressed workplaces as you enter them. The bad news is that it’s very hard not to get affected, if you work in that environment .

Energetic cleansing is getting rid of these negatively loaded molecules that got affected by these pheromones and hormones.

There are different ways to do this. Burning candles (burn affected air) and putting positive inspired items or music (positively loaded molecules) are the most common methods to do this. So Colruyt and Human energy are two peas in a pod!

If you look at the system it seems pretty scientific and logic…… doesn’t it ?

So well done Colruyt…… you’re 2 steps ahead…… again.