Do or Die

Do or Die


Do or Die. 2 weeks ago, a young 28-year old man  died while he was running the Brussels 20K marathon and several people needed to be hospitalized on the same day at the same event.

Why ?
Because of dehydration and heart failure.

Your heart is like an engine. And if your engine is under extreme pressure it can explode just like any other engine.

To avoid this it is wise to see a doctor before you do physical exercise. But if you don’t pay a medical visit or did a long time ago, make sure to listen to your body and…. no cheating.

33% of all people are overweight.  But 85% of all people cheat on their weight and height if you ask them to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) (survey, University of Amsterdam about BMI and body scanning).

If you are attending the Hercules Trophy, greatest Corporate Challenge in June at De Nekker in Mechelen, make sure you follow these tips:

1.Prepare your body for this event ; Make sure you do a little bit more physical exercise from now on until D-day. Take the steps instead of the elevator, walk you dog and if you don’t have a dog…. walk yourself for 15 to 30 minutes a day. You need more than 10.000 steps a day to be healthy.

2.Breathe…. Yes yes , I know you already breathe all day. But learning how to power breathe is different. Google the word “pranayama” and you will find different sites that teach you how to do it.  If you hold your breath during a herculean challenge, your heart rate will go up and the effort needs to be stopped after less than1 minute. So use your breathing to control your energy flow and heart rate.

3.Prepare your mind … to stay in connection with your body. Don’t get dragged by your friends if there is a challenge you really don’t want to do. Remember that your body and mind know you better than your friends do. A positive mindset before the Hercules Trophy is of course the best tool to succesfully finish the day.

4.Food and drinks are the fuel your engine needs to function. Make sure you don’t switch the drinks and food you will consume at the evening party with what you body needs during the challenges. Normally you do not need energy drinks during the day, so plenty of water works the best to keep you hydrated and keep your 70% water level your body needs.

If you follow these simple tips you can be sure to survive the day in a healthy way and you’ll ready for the after-party……. enjoy.

If you need more help or tips our herculean coaches can help you with your preparation.

Your herculean coach, Serge