What is your excuse?

What’s your excuse?

Less than 2 weeks before the start of the Hercules Trophy. Get ready, be sportive!

You know you should exercise but what is your excuse?

What’s your excuse? On number 2: You can’t seem to stay motivated to continue working out. 

If you’re tired or stressed, it’s hard to keep going with your workouts. However, waiting to feel motivated to exercise can actually backfire. Motivation is something you have to work at every day:

  • Learn about ways you can increase your motivation.
  • Remember your goals – Set reasonable goals and remind yourself of them every day.
  • Reward yourself – Each time you reach a goal, whether it’s completing your workouts for the week, losing weight or having more energy, reward yourself with something you truly enjoy. A massage, a new exercise playlist, new running shoes or a quiet night reading your favorite book.
  • Learn how others stay motivated.
  • Make it a lifestyle change – Focusing on treating your body well with exercise and nutritious foods may keep you motivated, even if the weight loss is slow.


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