winners 15 june

Winners 15 June


Winners 15 June. 15 June certainly was a day to remember! Congratulations to all participants and thank you for being herculean.

Here are the winners of the competition:

Winners 15 june of the Hercules Trophy competition: A.S. Adventure Sales Power from AS Adventurewith 229 points!

Runner-Up: De Belfiers from Belfius Bank (223 points)

Second Runner-Up: 2Fast4U from Brussels Airlines (216 points).

Other awards:

  • The Coolest Team Award went to Multimedia Mavericks (B.U.T.).
  • The prize for Best Picturewas for 3 teams: Babygoodies Bastards (Babygoodies), Team 1 BD (BD – My Shopi) and The Multimedia Mavericks (B.U.T.).
  • The CxO Pétanque tournament was won by AS Adventure.
  • The Fairplay Award went to Team 1 B-Bridge (B-Bridge).
  • The Smartest Team was The Happiness Factory from Coca Cola.
  • Best crew: SUP crew.

These were the teams who won an extra prize at the Hercules labours: The NAVengers (Young & Partners) at Highland Games powered by STIHL. Team 1 Immoweb (Immoweb) at the Formula 1 Challenge.

The entire ranking is to be found on this website on the Ranking 15/6 page.

Thank you for being there. We already miss you and can hardly wait for next year.