Ceci n’est pas un teambuilding

Ceci n’est pas un teambuilding


Ceci n’est pas un teambuilding. When we created Hercules Trophy, we never thought of using it as an organizational tool. Even though it wasn’t our initial intention, we must conclude that Hercules Trophy supports organizations in all aspects mentioned in this document. Employees experience the best day of the year.

Their happiness factor increases by doing sports with colleagues. They are grateful towards their employer for getting this opportunity. They represent their company with pride against other market players and customers. Stronger inter-personal relationships are created.

Some companies take it one step further and become sponsor of the event. They consider it to be the most efficient way to connect the brand to business people. Spectators join the event and involve the family with the corporate brand.

Last but not least: the participants give back through the Herculix Foundation to charity which makes them proud again.

And all this on just one day, that’s Sportainment of the future.