Why you don’t need to be sporty to be a winner at Hercules Trophy


Why you don’t need to be sporty to be a winner at Hercules Trophy. There are various ways to win at Hercules Trophy. The experience you’ll have with your colleagues is the biggest prize you’ll walk away with. But here’s a few more tips.

Get 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the Hercules Trophy

This one is quite obvious, in order to get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the whole trophy, rack up one of the top 3 scores throughout the day when completing challenges!

CEO Petanque Challenge Winner

Get your CEO’s working and have them compete in the petanque tournament to WIN your team this prestige title!

Smartest Team Winner

To win the smartest team award your team must score the highest points in the brain labour!

Coolest Team Winner

Promote your team page and WIN the Coolest Team Contest! Just send the URL you find on your team page to all your friends. Promote your team on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends, colleagues and family to vote for your team. An amazing prize will be waiting for you!

Fair Play Team Winner

Be the team with the best SPORTSMANSHIP to win this award!

Best Team Picture Winner

Have the best team picture on your online team page! This competition will close a few days before the actual Trophy day!


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