4 ways to motivate people

4 ways to motivate people


4 ways to motivate people! Interesting post on the website of FForward – one of our valued partners in the USA – about ways to motivate your employees.

The best leaders in the world are the ones most adept at motivating their employees to perform to the fullest extent of their abilities. Increased productivity, improved sales, reduced waste and optimized efficiency are all byproducts of a strong leadership group.

If you ask an employee what would inspire them to work harder and more diligently, their response would likely be something like “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

However, offering a monetary raise and cash bonus is not always the most effective or possible solution for your company. Strong coaching and even non-cash incentives (like trips, merchandise or awards) can yield a greater return on investment and therefore be a more effective use of resources.

Since writing a check is not always the appropriate solution for motivating employees, Susan Weinschenk (“The Brain Lady”) of Weinschenk Institute, a professional with a Ph.D in Psychology and over 30 years of experience as a behavioral psychologist decided to use her vast knowledge of the human brain to learn more about what really motivates people.

Read all about the 4 ways to motivate people here. This article was originally published on JNR blog.