Tip of the day: Healthy exercise


Tip of the day: Healthy exercise

  1. Fun is priority

The fun-factor is always priority. Exercise is something that you should like to do. ‘Cause something you like to do, you do more often. That’s why it’s good to search for a kind of exercise that suits you, it doesn’t matter how small it may be. In this way you are more motivated to integrate physical exercise in your daily life.

  1. Don’t ‘overexercise’DSC_7164

Mid forties is a typical age where people think that they should work on their physical shape. But many of those people take it to far. Even if you do everything gradually, you should also visit a cardiologist to examine your heart. Keep an eye on your heartbeat. It’s easy to measure your own heart rate limit. Just subtract your age from the number 220; this is the peak load of your heart rate.

  1. Act normalfitness

Exercise isn’t the same as doing sport in clubs or associations. 
You can also try to exercise while doing normal things outdoor each day. For instance, ride your bike up to the grocery store, walk at lunchtime and take a stroll after dinner.

  1. Do it for yourself

Decide on your own what your goals are and what you’re trying to achieve with sports. It’s easier and much more fun to motivate yourself with a goal on your mind. Anyway, try not to compare yourself with someone else. Although sport has an important social function, you have to do it mostly for yourself. Every person is unique and has it’s own body, character and things that he or she considers as important.

  1. Never breathless

Practice as a beginner ‘never out of breath’. The main rule for beginners is ‘to never get out of breath’ when exercising. When people don’t follow this rule, they practice at a higher intensity then strictly needed for a better condition. Even well trained athletes, most of the time, train without getting out of breath. Exercising while getting out of breath is hard to maintain, certainly as a beginner.

The result? More energy!

Exercising gives you a fit and energetic feeling. Your body will get more oxygen inside by stimulating the muscles and the blood circulation. Fresh air really makes the energy flow. With the first spring sun, this can do wonders. Enjoy!


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