5 Ways to Combat a Professional Defeat

5 Ways to Combat a Professional Defeat


5 Ways to Combat a Professional Defeat. Some great tips by Brian Hamilton, chairman and cofounder of Sageworks.

“For entrepreneurs, being discouraged from time to time comes with the territory. In fact, it’s virtually part of the job description. Entrepreneurship is filled with both peaks and valleys, but the valleys feel like someone has literally trounced on your body…while they were carrying an elephant. Maybe you’re having difficulty paying bills. Perhaps a key employee walked out, or you have lost an important customer. When these things happen, as an entrepreneur or principal, it can be difficult to separate the professional from the personal; you might like you’re not good at running a company, or even, in some cases, like you’re a bad person. Given the inevitability of these feelings, it’s important to identify a few activities that revitalize you and help relieve the stress. These can be activities that you do outside of work, or they can be woven into your daily routine.”

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