Want to get fit, find a work-out partner

foto hercules groep met logo herculesWant to get fit, find a work-out partner. What are the benefits of having a work out partner?

  • He or she will motivate and push you
  • You are more likely to stick with your workout program
  • You can learn new tricks and exercises from your partner
  • You can challenge each other to run five minutes longer or to do two more reps
  • You might be more likely to sign up for a group class if you have a buddy
  • You are more likely to work out when you have to meet someone.

Having a workout buddy is not for everyone. You need to figure out what your workout style is and what you need to achieve your goals. When looking for a workout buddy, find one you can depend on and make similar goals. Search for a like-minded person. The right workout buddy for you can make exercising more enjoyable and beneficial.

Train with your workout buddy and bring him or her to the Hercules Trophy!

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