Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Eat Sleep Work Repeat



Eat Sleep Work Repeat. Last week, the Managing Director of Herculean Belgium, Glen de Boeck and myself were invited as guest speakers at a Seminar organized by Belgium’s leading HR Magazine. The audience consisted of the HR managers of various leading Belgian companies. The various topics were related and complementary at the same time. A perfect work – life balance, job crafting and of course our Hercules Academy Energy Programs were well received by our public.

At the end of the day, the baseline of all presentations can be summarized into this: versatility and agility of employees who will work in a new era. A new era where different jobs will be combined and form the salary of the employee.

This new way of working can lead to a risk if you do not have the skills to manage your time and reduce stress by yourself. The importance of recuperation and rest was highly stressed to avoid burn-out and overall fatigue in combining these jobs.

Large companies also provide a frame to their employees to avoid boreout (=the absence of meaningful tasks, rather than the presence of stress, leading to boredom at work). That is where job crafting comes in place. In this case the employee “crafts” his own job in function of the company goals.

The host of the event, “Duvel Breweries”, is a big fan of this auto-creation of jobs. An example: their new employees do not have a functional job interview, but only a talent, skills and a motivational interview. This way, Duvel breweries create a Working Family instead of just Social Capital.

Our Core talent /Forte index tool surprised the audience as a tool that can be useful in the process of job crafting. As a proud partner of HR magazine, we are happy with the opportunity offered by this leading magazine. We are on a constant quest to provide all necessary tools for the new way of working and the best work life balance and it’s always a pleasure to feel the support of strong partners.