JUMP FOR JOY. Jumping for JOY is an act of extreme happiness.

After 3 years of exhilarating moments while managing the Hercules Academy and coaching companies, organisations and individuals in corporate wellbeing, I would like to share some thoughts with you. Consider it as a New Year’s resolution.

On several occasions during our individual and group coaching sessions, I noticed that people are almost scared to express moments of extreme happiness. The pitfall of not doing this can be that you find yourself in a blurry state of mind which makes you vulnerable for negative thoughts and stress related conditions.

Once people actively started to look at the beauty that surrounds them and feel the magnificence within them, energy started to flow and new creations and positive feelings were unlocked. This resulted in less friction and more satisfaction and connectedness in their lives……

When I asked them why they stopped seeing the natural beauty, a lot of them answered me that they were seeking for success. Looking for beauty and feeling connected was perceived as weak and thus not really a good tool on their path to the ultimate goal.

The purpose of aiming for this ultimate  success  was, after some more questioning , to be happy, feel respected and be connected with people. But somehow they lost track and the mean became more important than the goal.

When they changed their mindset back to their inner essence, putting happiness before success, guess what happened ?

….They were MORE successful !!

The ultimate goal was integrated in every moment of their life.

My wish to you is that you can find the time to set your ultimate and well thought new goals for 2016 and beyond in a way they are as big as elephants.

elephant, JUMP FOR JOY

Making these personal  and inner goals big will make them easy to spot, so you will not get distracted by the everyday nuisances who will also be part of the game in 2016.

As the Texan oil tycoon Thomas Boone Pickens said : “When you are hunting elephants, do not get distracted chasing rabbits”.

If you don’t sweat the small stuff in 2016 you can be as happy as the child you once were, without limitations and pure energy and you can start JUMPING FOR JOY again.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2016.