TWO THUMBS (part one)


two thumbs

TWO THUMBS (part one). Last week, I had the chance to have a meet & greet  with one of the leading authors on brain train and how to unlock your mental potential, Professor Dr.  Theo  Compernolle.

During our chit chat moment we talked about  a healthy way to deal with our connectivity and also about  kids and cars.

Connected Freedom

We both agreed that  people have more freedom these days because we can join anyone anywhere in the world in a split second and we can work from where ever we want thanks to our smart devices.

But in many cases this connectivity without borders can also tie us in an unhealthy way. Our  brain is mainly divided in three parts when it comes to working and/or learning.

Our reflex brain, which is a fast moving autonomous safe keeper will activate when there is a smell of danger in the present moment. This we share with the other animals on this beautiful planet.

What is typical for mankind is our thinking brain and archiving brain. With this part of our brain we can reflect, analyze the past and make plans and projections for the future.

Our archiving brain processes the new information/skills/sensations in a way it frees capacity from our working brain which is limited and slow in use compared to the reflex brain.

This reflection and learning process takes place day and night.

With the  “perpetuum” (never ending) connectivity and the overflow of data  we tend to skip the archiving part because this part uses the same part of our brain than the thinking brain.

This results in restlessness, stress and a much lower productivity in our behavior and learning cycle.

Therefore it is important to turn off your devices and get disconnected from the world to connect with yourself. Don’t let the beep beeps chase you !

Using technology in a healthy way can increase your productivity times four and cut your stress level by half.

By the way,  we also talked about kids and cars, but that’s for another blog….first some “me time” and sweet dreams while my brain is archiving and redirecting my energy for tomorrow.