Herculean Alliance

Herculean Ambassador: Eddy Vinckier!


Herculean Ambassador: Eddy Vinckier! Also known as the trainer, manager, second father, coach, buddy, psychologist of Gella Vandecaveye. Eddy and Gella  trained every day for 6 hours, he traveled with her to tournaments around the world. He coached Gella for 16 years and even today they still work together.

It’s rare to see coach and athlete working together for so long. Eddy is fast. He’s a lion who never gives up. Eddy knows everyone and everyone loves his honest and direct approach.

Eddy and Gella shared amazing experiences together: two times World Champion  (Canada ’93 & Munchen ’01), Olympic silver (Atlanta ’96) and bronze (Sydney ’00). Not to forget the dramatic neck injury of Gella in 1998 during the European Championship for countries.

After 4 Olympic games, Eddy and Gella stopped their judo career in 2004. Both were mentally empty but proud of everything they achieved.

In 2014, Yves and Inge made a list of true Herculeans. Eddy and Gella were on the number 1 spot. During the very first meeting, the click was there and they started focussing on PR for Herculean in Belgium. After many years of collaboration we can only confirm they are true Herculeans and we hope we can work with them for many years to come.