BRU. As I’m a frequent flyer with Brussels Airlines, I use Brussels Airport on a very regular basis. Today, I was supposed to fly again from Belgium’s number 1 airport, but now my departure was from Liège airport, a small airport south of Brussels. I guess I don’t have to explain why…

The roads of the Hercules Academy and Brussels Airport have already crossed in different ways. Brussels Airport has been a loyal Hercules fan for +10 years and was the driver behind the Airport Hercules Trophy for many years. More recently, we met the senior management at “The Road to Rio”, an event organized by the Belgian Olympic Federation. I’m also happy to tell you that one of their top employees, Roland Coppin, has joined our Herculean team as the COO.

All these synchronicities grew stronger and stronger, as well as the connection between our hearts. When the attacks struck Brussels Airport, our hearts and the hearts of our nation were bleeding. The events awoke a mix of fear and anger in all of us.

In our protected environment where we have been very fortunate to be war free for 2 generations. We have lived our lives caring for ourselves and loved ones in the top 3 layers of the Maslow pyramid. We have been considering the World Wars as an ancient tourist attraction in Flanders Fields, or just an old story from our grandparents.


The split second after the Brussels bombings we realized that the road to a safe environment where our ancestors built on for generations is a gift we have to cherish and not take for granted…

Now we understand that our grandparents have granted us a unique gift. A living environment that attracts thousands of people from all over the world in a quest to live and progress in this safe haven, called Europe.

The very first moment after the attacks, a metamorphosis could be felt . A change of mind, powered by our reptile brain and an unseen connection between co-workers, where people working at the airport stopped being “normal” citizens and started to live and work with an unseen strength and energy, taking care of the wounded and shocked passengers. It is with the same energy they are now rebuilding the airport.

It is a moment where the inner Hero stood up and took action. It is also a demonstration that previous investments in teambuilding and corporate wellbeing pay off in a major way, even in these tragic circumstances.

Brussels, the heart of Europe, has grown into an example of co-habitation and integration of all cultures and religions, taking care of the needs of multi-cultural travelers.

Let us now surprise and inspire the world as a symbol of ultimate resilience. I sincerely hope that the “future” BRU becomes an invitation to all cultures and religions to join us in the top 3 layers of human needs… layers of human energy where terrorists and narrow minded people will never be able to live in, because this world is built on

LOVE                                                 RESPECT                                            SELF ACTUALISATION