Preparation Hercules Trophy Belgium 2016


2 first Hercules Labours announced!

Preparation Hercules Trophy Belgium 2016. Here are the 2 first herculean challenges for Hercules Trophy Belgium 2016: Archery Tag and Waiters Race.

These 2 challenges are brand new and are a unique mix of tactics, teamwork and a Herculean twist.


Archery Tag


Colleagues and friends are welcome at the Hercules Trophy to cheer for the teams. We have tickets for the day part only and also for the evening part, including the barbecue + party.

You can book tickets as from now and can choose between 2 options:

Option 1. Tickets offered by your company. Your Hercules administrator can book the tickets in the web shop for administrators after login. Your Hercules administrator will receive a confirmation e-mail and will keep you updated. The invoice is sent to your company.

Option 2. Tickets ordered and paid individually. You can order them in the public web shop on the website. You can pay with PayPal and the tickets are sent to you via e-mail.

Coolest Team Competition

The Coolest Team competition is onliCoolest Teamne! Make sure you have added a team picture (you
can even change it afterwards) and share your page.

Share your team page via social media or e-mail and get as many votes as you can. It’s never too early to show your competitors how popular you are.

Hercules Kids

Who says that children can’t be her_MG_9177culean? We love children and vice versa. Let your children participate at the Hercules Kids and they will earn an extra point for your team. Last year’s Hercules was a big success. We will reveal the specific challenges for kids (from 5 to 15 years old) pretty soon. Tickets can be booked in the web shop.

VIP Pétanque

10455192_803675042990873_4250246885177543556_nWhat would your organization be without the support of your C-levels? While you’re doing the crazy Hercules challenges, they will defend the honor of your company with a boules game, a true Herculean task. 2 senior managers per company (not per team). It’s the Clash of the Titans, so make sure that the date is booked in their calendar. Book the tickets for access to the VIP/Ambassador Club in the web shop.

How to Prepare?

Are you still a bit lost in the Herculean jungle? Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think. This checklist will help you to prepare for the coolest corporate team challenge. Preparation is not compulsory, but it certainly enhances your teamwork and your Herculean experience.

To be prepared_resized