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Herculean advisory board: Luc Blyaert!


Herculean advisory board: Luc Blyaert! Being the son of a printer, Luc was determined to write and to publish articles and features. By coincidence he stumbled into technology, as you know a fruitful and innovative biotope, but his real value is an optimistic and most positive approach connecting people from different angles into one major network.

For 25 years he has led DataNews into a vast community linking print, digital and major events with some thousand attendees.

His new path is helping companies connecting and communicating with partners and friends. Cycling seems to be a great way to achieve this goal.

He lives together with Veerle, has two grown-up boys and loves jazz, chess and people, because they make the difference.

Why he wanted to join the Herculean team as member of the Advisory Board? ‘I was overwhelmed by the energy and the positive vibes of the Herculean events and the founders Yves and Inge. Teaming up was a no-brainer.’