Boys: Support your Flair Games team

Boys: Support your Flair Games team


Boys: Support your Flair Games team. Flair Games’ participants don’t lack any enthusiasm, but they do need your support. Just like in any major sports competition, supporters can really make a difference at the Flair Games. Last week, Flair teams who brought their fans, performed significantly better than those who came on their own.

Boys: Support your Flair Games team. What’s in it for you? Entrance is free for spectators. Next to that, the Flair village is designed to accommodate large groups of people. There’s a beautiful bar (obviously filled with refreshing drinks), the crazy Sharingbox photobooth Sipsnsoda’s artisan cocktail bar and delicious food ranging from French fries & gourmet burgers to pastas and much more. Feel free to take a look at our sponsors’ stands too. If you’re into working with tools, the Stihl stand in particular will attract your interest. If you’re passionate about fashion, then the C&A stand with My Colour Passport is definitely your thing.

Most importantly, don’t forget to actually cheer on your team and party together with them. Friends, colleagues, family members and associates, cheer your team to victory. You can also make the difference now by giving them your online vote at the Coolest Team Contest here. You can help them win the Flair Games hunk! See you all this Saturday…

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