New way to keep your memories alive (and to position your employer brand)


New way to keep your memories alive (and to position your employer brand)! Players at the Hercules Trophy usually get so caught up in the competition that they forget to take pictures and videos. The pictures they do take, are often unusable for company business. We at Herculean realize the importance of those digital reminders of an awesome day and that’s why we’ve partnered up with MediaMixer.

MediaMixer is a company that focuses on creating  video material. They deliver videos that can be entirely personalized, from choice of music to message to style and much more. There are two options available that’ll both ensure a great souvenir of your participating teams and excellent material, marketing communication wise. Both options cover the entire Herculean story of your team, in a way that’s appropriate for even the most famous athletes.

To give you an idea of what we can offer you, you can watch this video:

New way to keep your memories alive (and to position your employer brand).

If you opt for the Professional package, you’ll get a GoPro that your employees can use for two days prior to the Hercules Trophy. Your employees themselves’ll register everything they want, concerning their preparation for the trophy. Their videos will be excellent material for internal communication and will help further motivate them to perform at the highest level during the event itself.

On top of that, a professional cameraman will follow your team during the Hercules Trophy and he’ll register their every move, so that he’ll be able to design the best possible aftermovie. Participants are encouraged to take videos and pictures with their mobile phones as well, which will be integrated in the movie to add a personal touch to it.

The Professional Full Option package offers all that and more. It starts way ahead of the Hercules Trophy and an experienced director will hold a meeting with your communication team or management. Together, they’ll develop a tailor made scenario which starts with videos that’ll generate eagerness towards the event. The possibilities are endless: teams challenging each other, teaser movies, video assignments… These are ideal for internal communication by the way! Here’s an example:

Your employees will receive a GoPro 7 days prior to the trophy too and an experienced cameraman will follow them during the event, so as to record the incredible atmosphere your team generates.

They will make sure your desired logos, baselines and general branding will be integrated in the final product, whether you pick the Professional or the Professional Full Option package. To us, it’s crucial that the movies represent everything you want them to represent, so feel free to state your demands. And the good news is that the rates for each of the packages are very reasonable.

You will end up with an amazing souvenir for your teams and valuable communication material –both for internal and external use. A participation video of the Hercules Trophy contributes a great deal to your employer branding!

“COME AS A COMPANY, LEAVE AS A TEAM!” – and take your very own, personalized company video home with you.

PS: both packages are available to companies organizing their own events via Hercules Projects too!