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Herculean CIO: Werner huysmans!


Herculean CIO: Werner huysmans! Graduated as an industrial engineer, specialized in electronic engineering & IT, Werner first started working at Grafitroniks. 5 years later, his career really took off when he switched jobs to Pauwels Trafo. It only took him a year to become an IT manager and another five years later –at 34, he became their corporate IS manager. Not bad for someone who was told during his study career that he’d never be a ‘good’ engineer.

According to Werner, a good engineer needs to take the specific needs of his organization and colleagues, as well as everything concerning technology into account. He’s always been an avid lifelong learner and that’s given him quite a lot of successes in various jobs. He’s received some awards too, like the ‘Data News manager of the year’ award when he was only 35 years old.

After 15 years of being an IT/IS manager for multiple companies, he started his very own IT management consulting company called Dice, that focuses on implementing IT projects and defining IS strategies. Nowadays, he combines four jobs. Next to running his own company, he’s an IT director at SCUYE, which is a global data brokerage platform. On top of that, he’s a department coach at Zorginspectie, an organization that inspects Flemish health and wellbeing utilities. Last but certainly not least, he’s our CIO at Herculean. Reading this could trick you into thinking he’s not that far off of a cumulating politician taking advantage of his position, but that wouldn’t do Werner any justice. Luckily, he takes a joke with ease and he has a pretty good sense of humor himself too.

Werner is a reliable colleague who delivers solutions to even the most difficult problems. Though he’s working most of the time, he’s not all work. Safe to say that our CIO adores nature. He loves trekking in Patagonia, for instance. He has climbed many mountains in the Spanish Pyrenees and he enjoys canyoning as well.

Regular Hercules Trophy participants may know Werner as the Herculean referee. Strict, but just: he always does a good job. Though he dislikes rules in general, he values some highly, like ‘never make grammatical errors’ or ‘drink Hoegaarden beer when offered wine’.  He’s a man who’s not too shy to share his (strong) opinions, but he always has the proper arguments to back them. If you’re planning on debating him, you better come prepared! Personality Type 5: that’s what he is.

So how did this extraordinary engineer end up at Herculean? Through Yves, our founder and Werner’s ex-colleague at Pauwels Trafo and lifelong friend. He’s been here from the beginning and isn’t planning on leaving any time soon. Oh and by the way: today’s his birthday, so best wishes Werner!