Line-up Hercules Trophy Belgium


Line-up Hercules Trophy Belgium

Hercules Trophy = Business + Sport for all + Festival.

If you think last year was amazing (we admit: it was!), wait until you experience this year’s vibe.

In the next week we will announce on a daily basis who will entertain you, your kids, your supporters and your CEO’s in Antwerp and Mechelen. The programs are nearly identical, except for the EC soccer match of the Belgian Red Devils against Ireland.

Do you want to come as a visitor and experience the unique Herculean atmosphere? Book your entrance ticket via the visitor shop on

No ticket, no entrance. Security will be increased due to the current security conditions in Belgium.

Line-up Hercules Trophy Belgium:

A rough idea on the entertainment planning

  • MC’s of the day: two famous presenters will pump up the volume.
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack: amazing DJ’s.
  • Captains briefing, Warming-up and Opening: energising show.
  • Hercules Kids+Awards: kids will experience extremely cool challenges and receive a medal on the big stage at the start of the snack.
  • CEO Petanque in the Ambassadors Club: VIP’s can experience the genuine Herculean vibe with their peers
  • Aperitif: the crazy “apres-ski-like” atmosphere.
  • Awards Ceremony: who will win which award?
  • The famous afterparty with top dj’s.

Needless to say that food and drinks will be exquisite with Landlopers as one of the new partners. BBQ, food stands, bars and cocktails will be even fancier than last year.

Special programme EC Red Devils, June 18

On general request we will make sure EVERYBODY can watch the match together!

  • The Hercules Trophy starts earlier and will stop before the match.
  • The CEO Petanque will start earlier and ends before the match.
  • Massive Screen in the village with 5000 Herculeans!
  • Aperitif starts 1 hour earlier