Help! I need to organize a family day!


Help! I need to organize a family day! Here we are, it’s spring already and summer’s getting closer and closer. While some already start dreaming about sunshine, barbecuing and holidays, there’s a fair chance you’re scratching your head at this very moment, thinking about the family event you have to organize for your employees, who’ve been working so hard lately.

You’ve seen this coming, but as work piled up on you, you couldn’t do anything but postponing the planning process of your event. Your coworkers –for whom you have to organize it- have been just as busy as you and now start expecting a day of appreciation in return. Of course, they don’t realize the hassle that comes with organizing such a day, nor do they think of the notion of conflicting interests. Indeed, some of the participants are parents that request their children can attend, or else they simply don’t go. Others prefer a day filled with extreme sports and others yet again would rather have a day revolving around wining and dining.

So now you’re either left with the decision of who you’re going to please, either you spend hours on figuring out how to please everyone. In fact, it isn’t really a choice at all, since you have to pick between disappointing certain groups of employees and spending more time than you can afford on finding a solution that’s good for everyone –and within your budget.


That’s where Hercules Projects comes in. We’ll happily take over the organization and planning of your family day, which immediately puts a load off your shoulders. Over the years, we’ve gathered enough experience to be able to fulfill the needs of all different groups of employees and stakeholders in your company. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the event itself too, instead of worrying about how much the participants are enjoying themselves and whether that caterer will show up on time.

All we need to know is when, who and where you’d like your family day. Still too time consuming to pick a venue or date? Don’t worry, Hercules Projects will offer you ideal locations and dates, so that everyone can attend. We’ll make sure that the event is accessible for everyone and that everyone can feel good –and be good- in at least one activity.

By inviting employees’ family, you’re showing that you not only appreciate them as good workers, but as parents as well. Colleagues and their children having fun, is a truly wonderful experience. Creating the feeling that work is home away from home: that’s what you’re aiming for.

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Together, we’ll unite your employees and their family through a unique experience. We’ll minimize the risk of no shows –and those who can’t make it, will absolutely regret it! Your coworkers will still be talking about it for months and years later, when their kids have grown. After all, there’s no better way to bond with your staff, than by involving their family life.


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