Hercules Trophy 2016 Line-Up: DJ Makasi


Hercules Trophy 2016 Line-Up: DJ Makasi. Though DJ Makasi, A.K.A. Yannick Beloy, has his home base in Antwerp, there’s only a slim chance you’ll find him there. While originally mostly playing in famous Antwerp clubs like Noxx and Roxy, nowadays he’s either playing in Miami, New York, India, Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai or any other corner of the world.

As soon as he turned eight, he already started making mixtapes that impressed his friends. Mastering the skill of ‘mashing-up’, got him his place in the Antwerp dance scene pretty quick. Creating a perfect mash-up is incredibly hard and is definitely a form of art. His excellent mixing reminds a little of a professional Belgian mash-up DJ trio: Discobar Galaxie. None too surprising though, seeing as how Adriaan Van Den Hoof (one of Discobar Galaxie’s core members) used to date Makasi’s sister Tatyana Beloy.

Here comes the understatement of the year: a Makasi set is never dull. His travelling experiences translate to a wide variety of genres and styles used in his DJ’ing, all seamlessly blended together in one hell of a set that never fails to make his audience lose all self-control.  Rockin’ beats, funky grooves and contemporary classics: Makasi knows better than anyone else how to combine everything in order to create an incredible atmosphere.

Not convinced? Have a brief look at his adventures in India and lose all your skepticism:


An international deejay that sets the crowd ablaze and generates an incredible atmosphere, really sounds like a perfect fit for the Hercules Trophy, doesn’t it? That’s why we’ve booked him for you, so be prepared to have your socks blown off during the after party!

Can’t participate in the Hercules Trophy 2016 and feel that you’re going to miss out? Don’t worry, there’s ample room for people who know how to party, meaning you can still get your visitor ticket for the afterparty and BBQ here.

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