DJ Mystique at Hercules Trophy Belgium


DJ Mystique at Hercules Trophy Belgium. The next name for the after-party is a definite guarantee to blow the roof straight off: DJ Mystique!

DJ Mystique has been at the top of the scene for a long period of time. With his tons of experience, he gets every crowd going. He has a perfect feeling for what the crowd desires and perfectly knows how to meet these expectations. Time and time again he amazes us with his perfect timing, taste and DJ skills. How he does it, is a mystery.

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Mystique is the son of a Belgian mother and Ghanaian father. Some people think his taste in music is based on this unique mix of cultures. Mystique himself says it has nothing to do with it. After playing hip hop & R&B for more than 8 years, he evolved to a style he likes to call eclectic. For Mystique this change in style was a natural transformation: “I still like Hip Hop and R&B, but the new generation just doesn’t bring that quality old school Hip Hop did. It’s more about looks, money and Bling Bling nowadays. In the good old days, Hip Hop was about having a fun time or was about expressing a political opinion and that is what Hip Hop is supposed to be.”


Mystique’s focus lies on the international scene. In 2013 he was one of the most impressive breakthrough artists with club hits like ‘’Here Comes That Sound’, ‘Pull Up’ and ‘Going Under’. They all landed Beatport top 10 spots along the way. The past 5 years he smashed 2 of the biggest festivals in the EDM scene: ‘Tomorrowland’ and ‘Tomorrowworld’. On 23th April, he smashed the main stage at Tomorrowland Brasil.

Just watch a small sample of his set at Tomorrowland Brasil here! Or listen to one of his eclectic mixes on SoundCloud.

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