Herculean MC: Ben Roelants!


Herculean MC: Ben Roelants! Finally the long wait is over: Ben Roelants becomes the official “sidekick” of Erika Van Tielen at all the Hercules Trophies in Belgium. A team that’s bound to do good, as they know each other well.

Herculean MC: Ben Roelants! Ben too, used to work for “Vlaanderen Vakantieland”, a Flemish travel television series. He’s an excellent reporter and has won multiple prizes for his efforts. Starting out as a communication science graduate at a small scale regional news channel in Brussels, he quickly made a name for himself. From “TV Brussels” to “JIM TV” to “één” and the rest is history.

[vimeo 117252595 w=640 h=360]

Due to his soothing voice, several Belgian radio stations like Radio Donna and MNM have asked him to fill in for their usual hosts. It’s made him a popular guest speaker and presenter in the corporate world too, with satisfied customers like HUMO, Carglass Benelux, Samsung and Opel Belgium.

He was the hunk of Flair Games Aalst, where he showed his motivational speaking skills and where he’s proven more than just his worth. Team Victorious Secret won Ben as an extra team member through the coolest team contest and together, Victorious Secret ended up winning the Flair Games in Aalst with a flawless victory.

So we at Herculean promptly hired him to motivate all Hercules Trophy 2016 teams, since handing him over to just one team would apparently be unfair competition. In this way, he’ll stimulate every team to go the extra mile –and that’s what the Hercules Trophy is all about.

In short, Ben is a versatile, motivating and eloquent MC. As the popular statement “the right man on the right place” goes, we’ve arranged for him to be your number one fan!


We’re absolutely sure that Ben and Erika together, will totally enhance your Hercules Trophy 2016 experience, as it should be.

Herculean Alliance