MegaMen: After-Party Antwerp


MegaMen: After-Party Antwerp. MegaMen are a DJ duo that is aiming for the top on the international DJ scene. The DJ duo consists out of Guy’Do and Gavin Francis. 2 DJ’s who were trying to break through on their own before they discovered they were really complementary and able to cover each other’s flaws, still having enough freedom to highlight their own strengths.

MegaMen: After-Party Antwerp. Guy’Do began his DJ career when he was 16 years old. His career took flight when he got offered to be a resident DJ at Noxx Antwerp on their infamous Saturday nights. Although he liked playing and mixing music, his true passion was producing music.

In 2006, he released his first tracks on Red Rabbit Records and later that year he signed a contract with Mostiko where he released, in cooperation with moonflower, one of his famous tracks ‘Heaven on Earth’.


Guy’Do likes to play a variety of music, going from electro to tech and progressive house. For him, it isn’t the genre that really matters but it’s the flow of energy during a DJ set or record that matters the most. “It’s a real challenge to play in front of a crowd and have them enjoying your music.” “A good DJ always involves the crowd during his performance.”

Gavin on the other hand was brought up by music loving parents hailing from Jamaica/London and Belgium. It wasn’t a surprise Gavin was passed the passion for music. At the age of 6, when most kids listen to kids’ tunes, Gavin was already listening to the refined music of Marvin Gaye and Dennis Brown.

In his teens the musical evolution went on. Gavin broadened his musical taste with more contemporary forms of black music such as Dancehall, UK Garage, drum & bass. This paved the way for his love of music to result in excellent DJ skills and a dream to become the worlds’ best.


Both of them had a lot of individual success, playing at big clubs and parties; however the music scene really started to notice them when they started working together as MegaMen.

2013 can be marked as the year of MegaMen. Gavin and Guy’Do started working and producing together. There first track ‘Maximus’ was an instant hit in the international club scene. The number was played by no one less than David Guetta, Steve Aoki and W&W. The track also scored really well on Beatport. The download site, that’s seen globally as the reference for DJ’s.


People like u and me’ is the next successful track of MegaMen. It became the official anthem of Beachland, one of the more important dancefestivals during the summer. It was played massively by other DJ’s and even made in into the ultratop, which is a huge success for EDM music.

Because of the success of both DJ’s individually and even more so as the duo MegaMen it shouldn’t come as a surprise they were invited to Tomorrowland and Tomorrowworld. They get lots of offers to produce songs with some of the most popular DJ’s around the world. Coming years will tell if they make it to the absolute top of the DJ scene.

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