Final Labours Hercules Trophy Poland


Final Labours Hercules Trophy Poland. On Saturday 14th May,  we will organize the very first edition of Hercules Trophy Poland. It’s about time to announce the final 6 Herculean labours!  The first 6 labours had already been announced here. Our crew is ready to give you the best corporate event of the year. Keep our fingers crossed for sunny weather!

Final Labours Hercules Trophy Poland: 

7.  Eliminator

Be the last man –or woman- standing in the Eliminator. Alternate between crouching and jumping and prevent getting hit & knocked off your stand, in order to win.


8. Wild West Shooting

Ready, aim, fire! Prove yourself as a true marksman in the Wild West Shooting Challenge and cowboys &shooting cowgirls all over the world will stand in awe for you.

9. Waiters Race

A waiter’s job is never easy, especiaWaiters racelly when you have to race . Grab your serving tray,
don’t spill anything, remember the recipe, stay focused and run as fast as you can in the Waiters Race.

10. Giant Track

Take your running shoes off and sprint through the Giant CrossCountry_1Track while overc
oming all obstacles on your way. Lots of fun!

11. A-Race


Are you onvinced that walking is dull and easy? Well, then show off your skills in the A-Race where you have to walk without moving your legs, using only a wood frame and the support of your team! Hilarious.

12. Rodeo Challenge


Tame the mechanical bull during the Rodeo Challenge! Try and stay as long as you can on the bull that ferociously tries to break free. Nice to know: the world record is 2 minutes 15 seconds. Seems pretty viable, right?1a41b60be5349d3f412a189b7c1dc21c

Good luck and Godspeed to all Hercules Trophy Poland participants! May the odds be ever in your favor.


Herculean Alliance