Total Overview Labours Antwerp


Total Overview Labours Antwerp. All 12 labours for the Hercules Trophy 2016 Antwerp edition in Park Spoor Noord have been announced.
You’ll find all of them here, in one comprehensive list, to make things easier.

  1. CEO Pétanque
  2. Brain Labour
  3. Segway
  4. Boxing Academy
  5. Eliminator
  6. Lacrosse
  7. Blindfolded Golf Cart Driving
  8. Waiters’ Race
  9. Xtra Interim Archery Tag
  10. PolyVolley
  11. Truck Challenge
  12. Telenet Business O2 Run

Total Overview Labours Antwerp. Don’t forget to pick your joker! All you have to do is log in on your team page and pick 1 labour. Choose wisely, as winning the labour on which you’ve set your joker, gives you extra points. If you add a team song, a team picture in which all your team members are featured (you are allowed to use photoshop!), a motto, a team description and challenge three other teams as well, you’ll get five extra points, which immediately puts you in pole position! Not sure whether you’ve forgotten something or not?

The coolest team competition is still running too, so upload your team picture as soon as you can and show your competitors how popular your team really is. It’s not bragging if it’s true, right?

Best of luck to all participants, we’ll see you soon!

Herculean Alliance