DJ Onepack


DJ Onepack. Gilles De Bruyne, better known as Onepack, is our next DJ on the list of the Hercules Trophy after-party. Being a DJ with a huge potential, we are certain the party will reach its climax with DJ Onepack behind the decks.

Gilles De Bruyne was born June 1993. He grew up near Gent but spent a lot of time at the Belgian coast together with his grandparents. At the age of 7 Gilles started taking music lessons. However these music lessons weren’t his thing and after a couple of them, he quit. Although this small bump on the road, his passion for music continued to live on.

At the age of 9, Gilles discovered the old turntables of his father, who had been a DJ as well. He started mixing songs and his father taught him the basics. Music was the thing Gilles and his father bonded over. This resulted in his father buying Gilles a JB-systems DJ mixer and CD player at the age of 11. Shortly after, Gilles performed for the first time together with his father at the annual meeting at Gilles’ primary school.


Gilles had to redo his 3th grade of middle school, that’s when he met Simon De Cock. They were both very passionate about music and started talking and fantasizing about playing at the biggest gigs of the EDM scene. They started experimenting together and playing at small parties; Freaquency was born.

The first big event of Freaquency was ‘VuiffuiV’, a big party organized by his fellow pupils at their secondary school. Freaquency was a huge success and ‘VuiffuiV’ meant the breakthrough for them. They got invited to play at several clubs and some of the bigger events.

After a year, Gilles and Simon decided to split up. Simon continued to play under the name of Freaquency and Gilles had to start all over again. Gilles didn’t panic though, and launched his career as Onepack. He started off slow but now, momentum is totally shipping his way.


Onepack is known for his excellent mixing and smooth transitions between every genre. Although he has a preference for house music, with a booming bass, he has an unseen knowledge of records and this makes him capable of switching styles according to the crowds taste.

What can we expect from Onepack? All kinds of music, perfect skills behind the decks and an awful lot of energy. He has the capabilities to entertain the Hercules crowd and will adjust his set to the party people’s preferences. To summarize: it will be a legendary party!

Many of his sets are available for free on SoundCloud!